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Gadfly: Harvard blog, not so much about Harvard, but written by its students.
Ball State Daily News podcasts: Our only nonblog entry—professional quality and updated regularly.
The Colonialist: George Washington University blog started by a campus comedy troupe.
The Daily Clog: From UC-Berkeley's Daily Cal—check out the "Sign of the Apocalypse" series.
IvyGate: Blog about all things Ivy League—riding that line between self-love and loathing.
Wesleying: We'll see how much support last year's winner from Wesleyan University can muster up.
The Bwog: The blog from Columbia University's Blue and White featured excellent Ahmadinejad coverage.
College: On the Record—University of Michigan: Check out the "Greek Mythology" series for a rundown of the best and worst of frat and sorority life.
College: On the Record—University of Wisconsin-Madison: The blog's rudimentary use of the Paint tool is priceless.
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