The Best of College Newspapers 2007: Accepting Nominations Immediately

Who will win in the 2nd Annual Paper Trail Awards?


Now that it's 2008, Paper Trail is accepting nominations for 2007's best in college journalism, ensuring that no news slips through the end-of-the-year cracks. Finalists will be announced and voting will start Tuesday, January 15. E-mail submissions to Here are the categories, and let the games begin!

Story of the Year: The Virginia Tech shootings seem the obvious choice, but maybe you, the people, have another tremendous event that has captured your hearts, minds, and souls. Check out my personal top 10 for ideas or let me know of some horrific oversight not already mentioned. Last year's winner was a plucky University of Southern California editor.

Nonstory of the Year: NEW CATEGORY! Sometimes, stories aren't really important—but they sure are funny. What story had nearly no big-picture significance, but should be praised anyway? Once again, I did much of the work for you, but new submissions are highly encouraged. To clarify, student loan scandal: real story; impostor students: nonstory.

Newsmaker of the Year: 2006's winner, ex-Vanderbilt chancellor Gordon Gee, was in the news again, but let's find someone else—maybe someone who doesn't look like Mr. Magoo—who rocked the education world this year.

Columnist of the Year: Know any college opinionators who write slightly better than the typical pretentious/awkward jibberish on an almost regular basis? Let us know. Here's the last guy who met our high standards.

Best Alternative Media Outlet: Last year, the competition for this award was, as Tyra Banks might say, fierce. The Wesleying blog came out on top, but history need not repeat itself. All blogs, video, and podcasts welcome.