One More List: 2007's Best College Nonstories

More odd news that caught our eyes.


News that Made Ethnically Greek People Cringe

Fraternities and sororities kept Paper Trail busy all year, but perhaps the best and most dispiriting story came from DePauw University, when the national chapter of the "socially awkward" Delta Zeta sorority dismissed 23 women for being "insufficiently committed" to the group. Only the thin, white, and popular remained. But let's not be too harsh on DePauw; this sort of thing happens everywhere.

Frightening Healthcare Story

Nursing students from Howard University walked out of class in March, claiming conditions were so bad and resources so low they didn't even know how to administer an IV. Note to self: Do not get mortally wounded in Washington, D.C.

Student Government Almost Like Real Government

University of Michigan's student government wins hands down in its ongoing mission to be as corrupt and backward as real policymakers: a president who made bad Asperger's syndrome jokes (and got ousted for his troubles), election defrauders who were arrested, and if you go beyond 2007, representatives who sent truly mean and inappropriate E-mails to incoming students.

Best Criminals

The considerate taxi robbers—who pick up riders in Philadelphia, hold them at gunpoint as they withdraw money from ATMs, steal, then drop their victims back whence they came (with $20 to catch a real cab)—get my vote for most thoughtful lawbreakers of the year.

Tragicomic Snafus

The University of North Carolina sent out diplomas to graduates of the "professional school"—which happens to not exist. Meanwhile, Michigan State University sent letters to prospective students suggesting they got in when they in fact had not.

Mascot Mayhem

We don't really cover sports in Paper Trail, but we do cover mascots—and boy do people love their mascots. Illinois's Chief Illiniwek is dead (but not really), and North Dakota's Fighting Sioux is on its way out. Meanwhile, Louisiana State replaces its live tiger, Princeton's fake tiger gets a face-lift, and Alabama considers a real elephant to boost school spirit. To recap, Native American imagery = not OK; live beasts = awesome.

Sweet Classes That Don't Waste Tuition at All

University of Utah's Samba Dance and Drum class.

A course at the Mondavi Institute at UC-Davis.

A little Dance Dance Revolution in a Northwestern University class.

Or an entire minor dedicated to terrorism at the University of Maryland.