The End of an All-Male Era

Obscene hijinks lead University of Toronto officials to turn a legendary dorm co-ed.

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It's still up in the air: Was it the cooked pig's head in the women's bathroom or the giant snow penis (sorry, no picture) that sent University of Toronto officials over the edge? Some time after the two incidents, school administrators decided to disperse the residents of the all-male Gate House in an effort to stop "gross insensitivity...flagrant acts of defiance and behaviour...disparaging and demeaning of women," the Toronto Star reports. The current residents will be relocated around campus, and the Hogwarts-looking building—supposedly an influence for the film Animal House—will be made a coed residence. "We're not misogynists," says a displaced student, defending the dorm. "Ask my sister. She's at U of T, and she's the one who told me, `You've got to get into Gate House.' And now Animal House is dead."