Princeton Student Fakes Attack for Publicity

An Orangina bottle becomes a weapon of self-destruction.

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Winning the prize for "Worst Thing to Do With an Orangina Bottle" is a Princeton student who faked an attack on himself in order to draw attention to his "pro-chastity" cause. The Daily Princetonian writes that the man, who expressed remorse for his actions' effects in his interview with the paper, also sent fake E-mail threats to a noted conservative politics professor and fellow members of the Anscombe Society, a student group "dedicated to affirming the importance of the family, marriage, and a proper understanding for the role of sex and sexuality."

The student's story unraveled after Princeton police confronted him with inconsistencies in his account of the alleged attack, and he later confessed to the threatening messages and self-inflicted injuries. As described by Anscombe's president: "He said he pummeled his face; he didn't say what with. He scraped his head against a brick wall [and] broke the bottle...over his head."

The confession has been called "shocking" and a "real tragedy"—not to mention "pathetic." Meanwhile, the outed student awaits disciplinary action.