Penn State Student Defends Costume

Despite death threats, controversial masquerader would "never ever ever" apologize.


Calling it a "bad costume choice," one of the two Penn State students whose Halloween get-up was a bullet-ridden and blood-stained Virginia Tech shirt remains mostly unapologetic, the Daily Collegian reports. He says he will "never ever ever" apologize. "I will die before I do."

Apparently unaware that the Internet has officially killed any sense of real privacy, the student was surprised to see that his costume—reserved for the eyes of a small group of friends—had gained national media attention.

"This has been blown way out of proportion. Students live in an ivory tower. The real world is a lot worse than these people realize. They are whining and crying, but there is a lot worse going on right now in our world than what happened at Virginia Tech. It wasn't even the first mass killing at a school."

The pair has since received an "endless" stream of threats, according to the Collegian, which include plans to run over the female student with a bus and also the threat of lynching. With a story like this, looks like neither side comes out looking any good.