Seriously? It's Only Student Government...

What's up with Michigan's misbehaving campus politicians?

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In our continuing coverage of the staggering dysfunction in the University of Michigan student government, the Michigan Daily reports that the current president and a representative have resigned after the existence of a questionably named Facebook group was revealed to the public. The group, formed by the president and joined by the representative (who pretty much shot himself in the foot by revealing the group in the first place), mocks another member's Asperger syndrome in its description: "I'll give that kid a [expletive] disability he can write home about if he keeps sending these code amendments to everyone."

Shortly following the revelation of the group, the president offered a formal apology and a more spontaneous mea culpa. "I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. I'm an a—." But to no avail: The government head resigned last night, a scene that left several members of the assembly sobbing.

And now I must interrupt the melodrama with a flashback. Let's not forget this is the same organization that saw two people arrested in connection with student government election fraud and forced out another representative for sending offensive E-mails to a student and parent in 2006.

The concerned mother's e-mail asked about the availability of activities on campus for students who don't drink or go to parties. [The representative] responded to the parent by suggesting that students who don't enjoy going to parties often join the Board Game Club or "masturbate in the stacks of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library."

[He] then E-mailed the student, writing: "I thought I'd let you know that your mom is destroying your life. Enjoy!"

It's true. Power corrupts.