Clinton Beats Rove in Popularity Contest

Bush's "Boy Genius" gets jeers while the former president gets hardy cheers from the respective Duke and Brandeis crowds.


If you needed more proof that universities are bastions of bleeding-heart, crunchy-granola liberalism, let's go to Duke and Brandeis.

Much like the raving protesters at John Ashcroft's speech at Cornell University ( not Ithaca, mea culpa), activists at a Karl Rove event at Duke were equally cordial. A question-and-answer session incited comments such as "You're a murderer" and "9/11 was an inside job," while impromptu thespians outside greeted speechgoers with waterboarding torture re-enactments, the Chronicle reports.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was at Brandeis promoting the Clinton Global Initiative. The scene, as described in this four-page story in the Justice, is revealing:

As snow began to fall outside, the Branches Pan Groove steel orchestra warmed up the audience, which enthusiastically awaited the President's arrival. Clinton was received by and left the stage with a standing ovation, and was accepted with warm applause throughout his speech. He exited to upbeat music and a thumbs up to the crowd.

Does Karl Rove even know how to give a thumbs up?