O Christmas/Holiday/City Park Tree

Students at West Virginia University and LSU are crazy about Christmas trees.

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Perhaps overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, members of a fraternity at West Virginia University chopped down a 10-foot tree from a city park to call their own, the Daily Athenaeum reports. Unfortunately, the school and city weren't too pleased, and after the tree was deemed a fire hazard and "returned," officials asked the frat for $700 to $1,400 to pay for a new tree. On top of the fine, the frat could see some of its social privileges revoked, and the individuals involved could face criminal charges. "They said they wanted a Christmas tree," said a school official. "It would probably have been less expensive for them to go to Wal-Mart." Looks as if he's right: We couldn't find a real one online, but a fake 15-foot one is around $700. Plus, it lasts forever.

In other timber-related news, Louisiana State University was tired of student complaints and reneged on its recent politically correct gesture. The tree formally and briefly known as "holiday" will now return to its original moniker: "Christmas tree."