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Frat brothers at Nicholls State University steal bundles of the student newspaper; Harvard students host the "Juban Celebration"; Washington State offers TiVo to students; A plaque is stolen from a Kansas State frat

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*Two Nicholls State University students admitted to stealing bundles of the student newspaper, the Nicholls Worth, because of a front-page story about a fraternity brother who was charged with rape, the publication reported. In the inevitable backfire part of this plan: The paper re-reported the assault incident along with the theft.

*Using one of the best mash-up names ever, Cuban and Jewish student groups at Harvard University hosted the "Juban Celebration," the Harvard Crimson reports.

*Because Washington State students have fought on so long without a TV Guide-type channel and they have to spend all of their time studying, housing services will now offer TiVo to interested parties, the Daily Evergreen reports.

*A "True Gentlemen" plaque, valued at $16,000, was stolen from a Kansas State University fraternity, the Kansas State Collegian reports. $16,000? Didn't know plaques could be made of diamond-encrusted platinum.