Tree-Sitter Update: The Broken and Naked Edition

UC-Berkeley's protest takes a turn for the weird this week.

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UC-Berkeley's protest has taken a turn for the weird this week. An intermittent tree-sitter fell 30 feet from a supply line between two trees, breaking a wrist and a leg, the Daily Californian reports. Following in the footsteps of a woman who fell and broke both arms earlier this year, the downed protester plans to return to the site once he's recovered in order to resume his environmental efforts.

Meanwhile, around 50 nudists assembled for a photo shoot to protest the fence built around the tree-sitters. The photo, along with another staged in March, is part of the photographer's Tree Spirit Project, a collection of pictures of naked humans with trees. "After a clothed rehearsal, participants peeled off clothing and sprawled over each other along the fence." Inspirational, maybe, but also raising the question: Why can't normal people like trees?