Arizona State Frat Houses May Get Makeover

The school wants to upgrade fraternity row, but nostalgic types aren't too happy about it.

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Officials at Arizona State University are inching toward a plan that would raze the houses of five fraternities on the school's prominent Alpha Drive and, in their place, construct a complex that includes new housing, a hotel, and a conference center, along with retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues reserved for the Greek system, the State Press reports. Proponents of the plan (mostly university administrators) like the idea of a cleaned-up and modern fraternity row—one that is also subject to school residence hall policies. But critics prefer the nostalgia of traditional frat houses. "I want my kids to come down in 20 years and live in the same house I lived in," said one brother. "What is a fraternity without a house?" And more important, how can you have a frat party without one?