Trail Mix

Female students at St. Louis University received suspicious emails; a Brigham Young professor wants to help returning missionaries; a brewery at Indiana University marketed beer with exotic felines


*Several female students at St. Louis University have received anonymous E-mails attacking their modesty, the University News reports. The seven identical messages have been sent over the course of seven years, but officials have not been able to determine the identity of the sender because the messages do not originate from a school account.

*In an attempt to stave off "reverse culture shock," one Brigham Young University professor wants to help returning missionaries adjust to regular life as typical lazy, time-wasting Americans, the Daily Universe writes.

*A brewery at Indiana University coordinated the launch of its new black beer with a fundraiser for the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, the Indiana Daily Student reports. Now if only someone could rescue the growling and clawing 2-year-old caged black panther that was the "guest star" at the event.