Massachusetts Can't Get Enough Weird Bomb Scares

Massachusetts has had several bizarre bomb scares, including an empty Keystone Light box at UMass.

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Between the Aqua Teen Hunger Force fiasco and the MIT student arrested for wearing an electronically-enhanced shirt that Logan International Airport security thought was an explosive, Massachusetts has had its fair share of bizarre bomb scares. Now, there's an empty Keystone Light box at the University of Massachusetts to add to the insanity.

The Daily Collegian reports that last week a custodian discovered a box with a battery attached to the front and a note reading, "If this is moved it will explode." The school immediately evacuated several buildings and sent the bomb squad to investigate.

Turns out the gussied-up beer box was part of a class presentation about the book Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill. The prop was used to show "how easy it was to build a bomb with directions he found on the Internet." Turns out it's also pretty easy to cause small-scale campus chaos.