Brawling in Boston? Surprise: Not About the Red Sox!

A Harvard after-party gets rowdy, and surprisingly, it wasn't even about the Red Sox.

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A step show after-party at Harvard University resulted in "something of a melee," resulting in more than 20 police cruisers being deployed, a number of party participants forcibly subdued, and two non-Harvard students taken into custody.

The Harvard Crimson reports that the ruckus began sometime after "Knuck If You Buck" was played ("a song where everybody goes wild"). "The crowd started touching each other and bumping into each other," said one witness. "Then I saw a whole bunch of people screaming, and I saw people fighting." Another witness added: "The next thing I know a chair flies by my face, literally 3 inches away."

While the DJ turned off the music and turned up the lights, the fight migrated outside the building into the courtyard. Eventually, the skirmish was brought under control, but not before the commotion could leave a lasting impression on one Cambridge police officer: "We haven't seen this many bodies since the Red Sox won the World Series the last time."