Fake Government. Real Arrest Warrants

Two students are hit with felony charges relating to a student government election scandal.

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Two University of Michigan students were arraigned Wednesday on charges relating to a 2006 online attack during student government elections, the Michigan Daily reports. Each are facing a felony charge of use of a computer to commit a crime, with a maximum penalty of four years in prison and a $5,000 fine, and also misdemeanor charges of interference with an electronic communication device. Neither student offered a comment to the Daily reporters.

In the midst of voting during the March 2006 election period, the website of one of the school's political parties was attacked by a computer program designed to overload the site's servers. That party eventually lost most of its races by slim margins, and the arrests are the latest in a saga in which the college's top three student government parties were almost disqualified for elections violations amassed during the process.

Law enforcement, not surprisingly, deems student government election fraud a low priority, which explains the 19-month gap between the incident and this week's arraignment.