Dress Codes: I Thought We Already Graduated High School

The sexy, "just-got-out-of-bed" look is now a no-go at the University of West Alabama.

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The sexy, "just-got-out-of-bed" look is now a no-go at the University of West Alabama after a student-drafted dress code went into effect this year, the University of Alabama's Crimson White reports.

Going much further than Illinois State's business school, UWA's dress policy says students must wear neat and modest casual or "dressy" attire to class, the cafeteria, and any university office. Officials say the policy in the cafeteria is a health concern, while the rest of the guidelines are subtle "advice as to what is considered appropriate for professional behavior."

With the exclusion of headpieces for religious purposes, caps, do-rags, bandanas, and hoods are prohibited in class or at any university meeting or function, as are saggy pants and clothing printed with derogatory or offensive language. Men are encouraged to cover up (no sleeveless, netted, or cut-off shirts) and must wear shoes (not flip-flops) in class.

The University of Alabama's president, referring to neighbor school UWA's new policy, has assured his students that he has no intention of implementing a similar dress code during his tenure, and it seems most Alabama students would prefer that it stay that way. There are, of course, exceptions: "If there ever was a general trend where people start to dress half naked, we may need [a dress policy]," says one UA student.