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Louisiana State's live tiger mascot makes debut; Cornell's compost collects large roadkill; PSU's Brock and Bridle Club protest vegetarians

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*After some controversy, Mike VI, the latest live tiger mascot for Louisiana State University, will make his debut Saturday in the Tigers' matchup against the University of Florida, the Daily Reveille writes. Too bad Florida doesn't have a real gator as a mascot—would be quite a show.

*Speaking of large animals, where does oversize roadkill go when it dies? Near Cornell University, it goes to the compost heap, the Cornell Daily Sun reports.

*Speaking of large animals (again), beef ambassadors and members of Penn State's Block and Bridle Club are raging against World Vegetarian Day by cooking steak on the campus commons and distributing stickers that read "Beef: It's what's for dinner," the Daily Collegian writes.