Death Threats (and Little Info) Unsettle Yale Campus

One freshman's run-in with death threats and vandalism in his dorm room at Yale.

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Uneasiness has troubled the Yale University campus as word has spread about one freshman's run-in with death threats and vandalism in his dorm room, the Yale Daily News writes. The student's room was ransacked, and he received several messages threatening his life, according to reports. Although the university and police have offered little comment on the incident and subsequent investigation, there has been a continuous police presence around that particular dorm, according to the Daily News. In the latest development, the victim's roommate has withdrawn from Yale for medical reasons.

Meanwhile, the rest of the student body has expressed anxiety over both the vandalism and the lack of information. Some of the dorm's residents have slept in other rooms. The newspaper's rough survey of student opinion only proved the lack of concrete fact to go around. "On Tuesday, a reporter roamed Old Campus asking students what they knew of the incident; their responses varied widely. One suggested it was the result of who was tapped for one acappella group versus another. Others have speculated that it was because the victim landed roles in two prominent campus theatrical productions. Another thought it was random. Others were just confused."