Free Shoes University Keeps NCAA Officials Busy

Florida State University's athletes are in trouble for misconduct again.

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An internal investigation at Florida State University has led to university and NCAA action against almost two dozen athletes for academic misconduct, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. The students in question play seven varsity sports. None are from men's basketball or baseball or have competed in a football game this season (phew).

The six-month investigation revealed that a number of students had received "improper academic assistance" when an athletic department employee provided or directed players to answers for online quizzes. Each of the student-athletes was enrolled in the same online course.

With memories reignited of the infamous 1993 Foot Locker scandal involving a shopping spree by seven FSU football players, the university president's understated response was nothing less than curious: "You could make a pretty good case that the faculty did not do a very good job of protecting the integrity of the test."

Where's Steve Spurrier when you need him?