At Penn State: Let's All Be Lonely Together

Penn State home to highest percentage of singles of any city in the country.

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Your eHarmony account not working out like you planned? That could be because you're going to the wrong college. A recent study by a real-estate data company found that the city of State College, home to parts of Penn State University, has the highest percentage of singles of any city in the country, with 76.5 percent of its population unattached and rounding out a median age of 24, reports the Daily Collegian.

But single Penn Staters still have to do lots to change their relationship status—trolling about the local bars, apartment parties, and most efficiently, local speed-dating events, where participants are paired off for four-minute "minidates" before switching partners. The speed daters hope that after two and a half hours they will have found the loves of their lives. Tell that one to the grandchildren. —Jackie Mantey and Alison Go