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* An influx of iPhones has crashed Duke University's wireless network, Inside Higher Ed writes. Questions: Is this Apple's fault? But why only at Duke? And lastly, how come so many Duke students can afford an iPhone?

* First lesson of logic class: Correlation does imply causation. Tell that to the police at Penn State, who see rising alcohol sales in the county and a simultaneous increase in crime as a justification for a full-frontal assault on excessive drinking, according to the Collegian.

* Speaking of intoxication, what, exactly, is a "super drunk"? We at Paper Trail still aren't sure, even after reading this Kansas State Collegian story about state officials cracking down on DUIs.

*The University of Oklahoma offers a loyalty program in its dorms, hoping students will stay in house and fill up the housing coffers, the Oklahoma Daily reports. Students don't get frequent-flier miles or an Elvis Costello concert, but they do get free meal points and the campus version of rent control. —Alison Go