Don Imus, Meet Ralph Papitto

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A growing number of unhappy students, legislators,and faculty are calling for the removal of recently ousted Roger Williams University Board of Trustees Chairman Ralph Papitto's name from the university's law school, reports the Providence Journal. Last week, fellow board members accused Papitto of using the "N" word during a meeting in which they were discussing the need for more race and gender diversity on the board. That alleged offense could soon trump Papitto's total $2.8 million donations to the school and 20 years on the board...

Papitto, 80, says he doesn't use the word and first heard it "on television, in rap music or something." The controversy already has incited so much anger on the campus that 179 law students have signed a petition calling for the removal of his name from the building. Also this week, a Roger Williams professor publicly stated that Papitto's name gracing school property was an embarrassment and should be eradicated. The law school's faculty union will be holding an emergency meeting this week to discuss a potential name change. —Jackie Mantey