Market Forces Spoil Campus Dietary Landmark

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Inflation has crushed the spirits of late-night, pizza-loving Penn State students, who now have to pay $1.50 instead of $1 at a local pizza slice purveyor, the Daily Collegian reports. The "end of an era" is a byproduct of skyrocketing prices of ingredients. The restaurant's owner said that when dollar slices first began, cheese was just 94 cents a pound. Now, it is $4.

The response to change has ranged from reluctant resignation, to outrage, to complete indifference.

The loyal and understanding customer: "Fifty cents is not gonna keep me from coming back."

The pocket change-averse pizza lover: "I'm a little offended . [They] might as well make it $2 so that we don't have to mess around with quarters."

The food snob: "It's still the most disgusting pizza in the world. Maybe if they paid me $1.50, I would eat it." —Alison Go