Stirring Up Trouble Instead of Miso Soup


Love thy neighbor, unless your neighbor is a popular sushi restaurant that is allegedly destroying your historic apartment building. A loveless Lawrence resident has organized a boycott against the expansion of the Wa Japanese Restaurant, claiming the construction has caused upwards of $20,000 of damage to the building he lives in, the University Daily Kansan of the University of Kansas reports. "They basically smashed into my house and didn't give a damn," he says.

The website features the top reasons to boycott the restaurant, the opportunity to score protest swag, and the "Wa Lie-O-Meter," which reads, "When we hit 20 [lies], we'll make a donation to the American Psychological Association to study compulsive lying."

The restaurant's owners deny any wrongdoing and actually welcome the boycott. The frontal assault has inspired them to create a new specialty named the "Boycott Wa Roll." Although the roll's contents are unknown to us, we suspect it's made with passive-aggressive care and served with a side of brazen impudence. –Alison Go