Harrison Ford at Yale: 'I'm Not a College Grad, but I Play One in Movies'


Indiana Jones has raided the tower of ivory at Yale University in the first crusade to shoot the fourth film in the 26-year-old series, the New York Observer reports. New Haven storefronts have been transformed into 1957 (how specific) scenery, and a cloud of secrecy (via confidentiality agreements) has befallen the sleepy college town. A "pretty blond" student, who also happens to be an extra, has been shirking her summer school duties in hopes of making it big, while the rest of the campus is aflutter with gossip and supposition. "Some underclassmen callously commented that Mr. Ford was getting a bit long in the tooth for action flicks...[but others said he] was still worthy of being clutched while dangling from a rope over a snake pit—or something along those lines." —Alison Go