'I Like Girls, and I Like Money,' Says Calendar Man


Joining the ranks of schools with calendars that objectify women, Michigan State, Lansing Community College, and a nearby upscale beauty school will offer up scantily clad models for East Lansing Girls Next Dorm—the project of LCC business student Tyler McClure. According to a State News article, the young entrepreneur trolled MySpace to find models, about half of whom go to MSU and none of whom live in dorms. After sinking $25,000 into the venture, the former ticket broker plans to sell the calendars at local promotional events and community pool parties.

Some quotes from the man himself:

On the impetus for the calendar: "I like girls, and I like money."

On the 40 to 50 MySpace applicants he rejected for being "subpar": "It kind of cracks me up that they spend all the money on that stuff [portfolios]...East Lansing guys want quantity, not quality."

On the controversy surrounding the calendar: "I don't really feel that it's exploiting anyone if they're agreeing to it. I don't have them at gunpoint."

On being accused of using the calendar for purely monetary gain: "It's the first year, and since I want to expand, I need all the money I can get...Eventually, I'll look out for a charity." —Christina Mueller