Trashing Student Newspapers: Protection from Fire? Or Bad Music Reviews?

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Conspiracy theorists originally cried foul when more than 5,000 copies of the Ohio State's Lantern commencement issue wound up missing, resulting in $3,000 worth of advertising lost, the Lantern reports. The issues were originally placed outside the stadium where former President Bill Clinton was to give the commencement address.

But OSU's office of facilities operations and development is taking the blame for the disappearing issues after a groundskeeping supervisor admitted removing the papers. The employee says an unidentified security official told him to move the newspapers to eliminate a potential fire hazard: "When a security official tells you to do something, you do it."

Gotta love the "just following orders" defense, but we at Paper Trail aren't quite convinced that 5,000 newspapers could burn down an entire football stadium. But hey, at least the guy recycled. —Jackie Mantey and Alison Go