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*Two ways to get a Nobel Prize: 1) Toil away for decades at some perspective-changing, mind-blowing, life-altering work, or 2) steal it, as one UC-Berkeley student admits doing, according to the Daily Californian. The first will get you everlasting praise and notoriety. The second, shame and an arraignment in your local county court.

*Arie Tan is graduating from Ohio State this year with a degree in molecular genetics, the Lantern reports. He is 15. One way for the rest of us to feel better about ourselves: At least we can drive. Take that, Arie.

*North Carolina State will offer a fly-fishing course as a physical education credit, the Technician reports. The jury is still out whether that class or "Twentieth-Century British Poetry" has more real-life applications.

*A University of Texas senior won a vegetarian hot dog eating contest by inhaling 16 veggie dogs in 12 minutes, according to the Daily Texan. Many soy plants gave up their lives to support the event. —A.G.