Faking It: Stanford Impostor Gets Caught

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If you can't get into Stanford, then do like Azia Kim and fake it. For eight months, using excuses and explanations ranging from housing mix-ups to "roommate" issues, Kim was able to dupe at least two unsuspecting (and legit) sophomores into thinking she was a full-time student for the fall and winter quarters, the Stanford Daily reports. Kim bought books, attended classes, and even broke into a roommate's E-mail account to cover her tracks. She was eventually busted after several resident advisers finally started wondering what was up.

Without a Stanford ID or a key, she was forced to sneak into meals and enter her room through its window. Spending much of her time at her boyfriend's, Kim's roommate never noticed. "She took off the screen and always left one of the windows wide open and the blinds up," the roommate said. "I just guessed she always wanted a breezy room."--Christina Mueller and A.G.