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  • University of Minnesota officials are considering a smoke-free campus after the governor signed a statewide smoking ban, the Minnesota Daily reports. "You shouldn't have to walk five blocks to have a smoke," says a smoker who opposes the ban. True, especially if you can't make it halfway there without feeling winded.
  • Perhaps that Maytag man from the commercials should wander over to the campus of Northeastern University to help fix the 284 dishwashers affected by a February 1 recall, the Northeastern News suggests.
  • Making a tough, life-changing decision, the Dartmouth student association earmarked $8,000 for new vending machines that work with the school's debit card system instead of more television channels at the cardio machines in the gym, the Dartmouth reports.
  • A University of Oklahoma senior makes and sells electric bicycles for $864, the Hub writes. Should the Segway makers be worried? --Alison Go