Indecent Exposure: Ohio U. Vulnerable to Hack Attacks


The FBI continues to investigate a series of security breaches at Ohio University starting two years ago, which exposed the personal information of almost 300,000 university alumni donors and the medical records of at least 60,000 more and allowed the perpetrators to use the school's network to hack other computers all over the country, the Post reports. A controversial report says the infiltrated system had gone undetected for months and in one case more than a year, partially owing to institutional problems like high turnover in the information technology department.

At least two IT officials have been fired because of the breach, according to the Post. A class action suit also has been filed by alumni, blaming the school for negligence and asking for compensation for any injuries related to identity theft.

After two years, authorities still have little idea who is behind the attacks, but they did trace the increase in traffic to computers in Asia. --Alison Go and Christina Mueller