Trail Mix

  • "Super seniors" (AKA fifth-year students), if you already feel bad about taking the scenic route to graduation, here's someone to make you feel even worse. Fifth-year senior Devin Gaines graduated from the University of Connecticut with five majors and four minors, the Hartford Courant reports. "I love learning," he says. And self flagellation, apparently.
  • A University of Wisconsin cyclist has a mangled helmet and a new lease on life after a delivery truck ran over his head, the Capitol reports. The lesson is obvious: Ban all delivery trucks.
  • Ohio State braces for an influx of vampires, the Lantern reports.
  • University of Washington Daily columnist Sara Wilson is a self-hating caffeine addict who "can't shake the feeling that America might be developing a problem." She also reads and quotes U.S. News & World Report. Shameless plug!
  • Sex Fest '07 at UC-Davis, an event intended to raise student awareness of sexual health and safety, "will be pleasuring participants with all kinds of sexual carnival games," the California Aggie writes. Wheeee?
  • --A.G.