Stanford Students Say Google Can, In Fact, Do Wrong

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When school ends, many Stanford students aspire to enter "a heaven of sorts" by scoring a job at Google's Mountain View headquarters a couple of minutes southeast of the school's campus, the Stanford Daily reports. But getting past the blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red gates can be surprisingly difficult.

Google, in its quest for world domination, has managed to annoy some of the potential employees behind the 1,300 applications the company receives daily. Their hiring process can be long and haphazard, taking weeks and up to a dozen interviews that are often peppered with nonsensical queries. "People who consider themselves well-educated will take offense because they should be asked stuff about computer science, not little riddles that they got in math club in high school," says one former applicant. "Google has a 'you want us more than we need you' attitude," says another. Well, duh.