Trail Mix

  • An ice-cream party was the grand prize for students at the Adams Hall dormitory, who won the campus competition to reduce energy consumption at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Badger Herald reports. No numbers yet on how much energy went into keeping all that ice cream cold.
  • Budget problems are apparently the root of disgusting bacterial infections plaguing a number of dance students, the Southern Methodist University Daily Campus reports. According to the students, underfunding has allowed facility upkeep to go to the wayside, leaving the floors dirty and sweaty.
  • The University of Mississippi is looking into digital textbooks as a means to reduce the cost of school, the Daily Mississippian reports. E-books would also untether students from their rooms or the library. So they can study at the bar.
  • A recent study shows two thirds of college administrators think first-year students are poorly prepared for college, the Penn State Daily Collegian reports, while the majority of high school teachers think their graduates are well prepared. Two possible explanations: a perception gap or unusually rough pre-university summers.
  • --A.G.