More Bad Press for Duke, but at Least They Don't Stand for Cheating

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As if Duke needed more scandal, 34 students face penalties in the largest single cheating incident at the Fuqua School of Business, the Chronicle reports. After reviewing evidence for weeks, the school's Judicial Board charged the students with collaborating on a take-home exam in a first-year required course, a violation of the school's honor code.

Nine of the convicted students face expulsion, 15 will fail the course and receive a one-year suspension, nine will receive a failing grade in class, and one charged with lying will receive a zero on the assignment. The students are expected to appeal.

Chronicle readers chimed in, both criticizing and defending the honor system and legitimacy of take-home exams. One commenter blamed the "culture of corruption" exemplified by Enron and President Bush, while another offered friendly advice: "Call the B-School at Harvard and ask nicely for help."

--Alison Go