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  • A lewd surprise was waiting for those opening a 1957 time capsule for the University of Washington's communications department on Saturday, the Daily reports. Alongside 1950s memorabilia were Hustler and Playboy magazines from the 1980s and a pair of dirty underwear. Also you can watch newspaper editors from the 1980s try to explain the mysterious additions.
  • In news that's not really news at all, the Red & Black reports "math anxiety can cause students of all levels to perform poorly in math." University of Georgia clinical psychology doctoral candidate Megan Benoit Ratcliff advises students to tackle the problem head-on. "Put in more effort, and treat math like a foreign language," she says. Ay, caramba, we say.
  • Apple has cornered more of the college market by partnering with Texas Tech, the Daily Toreador reports. The school launched its iTunes U, where students can post video and podcasts, while teachers can upload their own work or lectures. UC-Berkeley and Duke are among the schools that already have partnerships with Apple. --Alison Go