Words of Wisdom From a Graduating Senior

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For her final column for the East Tennessee State University newspaper, Summer Carr offers three nuggets of wisdom she has gleaned from her college days.

1.Don't make excuses: "If your homework is late, just own up to it," she writes in the East Tennessean. "Tell your professor that you made a mistake and then remedy the situation immediately. And then never do it again." Her exceptions include "missing a test because you got a traffic ticket on the way to school or suffering serious bodily injury that requires hospitalization."

2. If you're a woman, don't pay on the first date: "If you pay for the entire bill, you will find that you assume the traditional role of the male in the relationship, and your boyfriend will expect you to pay for every dinner from that day forward," Carr writes. "Remember, women: What we want is equality, not to switch traditional roles."

3. Work hard, but have fun, too: "Sure, you don't want to wake up one day in 30 years and realize you never got to do the things you wanted to do because of inadequate preparation, but you also don't want to wake up on that morning and realize that your only memories of your teens and early twenties are of long nights spent studying alone."–K.T.