SUNY–Geneseo Police Start Carrying Guns

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Responding to the violence at Virginia Tech this month, the State University of New York–Geneseo has decided that its campus police officers will carry guns at all times, the Lamron reports. Before the decision, announced April 20, officers in emergency situations had to retrieve their firearms from locked boxes in their offices and vehicles. According to University President Christopher Dahl, the change "could make the difference between life and death for the officer or a student."

In the Lamron's online poll of nearly 700 people, 58 percent supported the decision, while 34 percent were opposed. "I agree with [the decision] because if a situation like what occurred at Virginia Tech should happen, [the police] need to be armed and ready," one first-year student tells the paper. But a sophomore disagrees: "They shouldn't change the logistics just because of one event and assume we have the same risk."–Kenneth Terrell