A New Top Dog at Drake University

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Seven men faced off in Drake University's first male beauty pageant last week, and Joe Barlow won the tiara, er, crown, according to the Times-Delphic. Looks like other than the gender switch, male beauty pageants aren't all that different from the female kind. The "Top Dog" competition included swimsuit, eveningwear, talent, and personality/question categories. When asked the beauty pageant staple "If you had the opportunity to permanently fix one world problem, what would it be?", Barlow gave the obvious "World peace" answer--which actually, sort of doesn't make sense, but you get the idea. And he aced the talent competition, playing the ukulele while singing Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Times-Delphic website has a picture.)

Congratulations, Mr. Barlow!—Kenneth Terrell