An Olympic-sized Schism in Chicago?


Most of the Windy City was celebrating Saturday after Chicago was chosen over Los Angeles to be the United States' bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. But one Illinois State University columnist thinks that getting the games might not be so good for the city. Her main concern is the plan to build a new 80,000-seat arena to host some of the events. "Alright, never mind the fact that I really don't think there's any room to build an 80,000-seat coliseum without making it look like a monster spaceship took up residence in a quaint neighborhood, or the fact that that we'd be tainting historic land in our city," she writes in the Daily Vidette. "But what about after the games?"

The Chicago mayor's plan to make the stadium the home field for a new football team isn't an ideal solution, she says. "Sorry, Daley, we already have a schism the size of Canada that divides Cubs and Sox fans (not that I'm complaining--Go Cubs), and no way are the resident Bears fans going to make a divide in supporting a new Chicago football team."—Kenneth Terrell