While Others Settle, Arizona Students BARF at RIAA


More than a quarter of the college students hit with music-trading lawsuits by the Recording Industry Association of America in the last few months have settled, the AP reports. A lawyer for the Ohio University students says the standard settlement is $3,000, though some have gone up to $5,000. One student's potential liability without a settlement could have been as high as $590,000.

Nevertheless, the RIAA's actions have made one group of Arizona State University students sick enough to "BARF." That's the title of the students' anti-RIAA group, Bikers Against RIAA ****-ery, formed after the trade group's vice president visited their campus this week. The student group had a member stand outside a campus building yesterday "with his pants around his ankles, holding a sign that read, 'The RIAA sued my pants off,' " the State Press reports. He has not actually been sued, but claimed to represent the 23 ASU students whom RIAA has targeted for downloading music illegally.