Trail Mix

  • Sixteen pizza places in Lawrence, Kan., have produced a "flooded market"--and caused stores to offer sweet promotions to win students' trust, the Daily Kansan reports . Key takeaway: All the good deals come at the start of the academic year (so they can win you over early). Try to time cravings to the fall.
  • A University of Maryland bar's transformation from the former bodily-fluid-stained Rendezvous Inn to today's flat-screen TV-filled Cornerstone Grill and Loft incarnation parallels the improving reputation of the university, the Diamondback reports.
  • Flooded dorms greeted some University of Illinois students when they returned from spring break last weekend, the Daily Illini reports. "I just came back and found all my clothes in plastic bags and everything was moved around," a freshman says. "My room was in disarray."