Underwear Run Becomes Fashion Show

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UCLA's Undie Run, where students strip to their underwear and then run around the streets of L.A. as a way to relieve stress before finals, has become "a superficial, sex-crazed fashion show," a Daily Bruin columnist reports. "People actually plan what kind of underwear they're going to wear for the big night," she writes. "I've seen girls shop at Victoria's Secret, frantically racking their brains to remember if their friend is going to be wearing the same lingerie." Not only will fellow students be watching, she says; "families, random bystanders and perverted older men" watch too.

The columnist wants to bring the run back to its roots: "Let us band together as the founders of the Undie Run once did," she writes, "and focus on the things that matter in life--not your weight, nor how you look in your underwear, nor the uncomfortable amount of bystanders ogling you as you whiz past. Focus instead on this: You are (momentarily) free of worries, free of consequences, free of judgment and, most importantly, free of clothes."