Commence the Complaining

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Mitt Romney at Conservative Convention, Washington D.C.Do any students like their graduation speaker? Apparently not. But at least they all have different reasons:

  • Columbia University students can't understand why administrators picked their Class Day speaker-Matthew Fox, a hot TV actor from Lost and Party of Five who also played football at Columbia. has uncovered some fun quotes from Fox's media history (apparently he called himself "a liar and a cheat and a thief and the ultimate manipulator")--is leading the charge.
  • Pomona College students aren't happy with Bob Graham, a former Florida senator and presidential candidate. Yes, admits the Student Life, "Senator Graham's track record is actually quite impressive." But "why Graham? He has no personal investment in Pomona College and lacks the wow factor that that would knock the socks off the graduation audience."
  • Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and current Republican presidential candidate, has not been a welcome choice for commencement speaker at Regent University, the Associated Press reports. Students' and faculty's main problem: Romney's a Mormon, while Regent, founded by Pat Robertson, is an evangelical college.
  • The University of Georgia's Red and Black editorial board is underwhelmed by speaker choice Erroll Davis, chancellor of Georgia's university system. "We're all in a hurry to get home, hammered, and handed checks," the board writes. "However, the speech given at commencement should at least be delivered by someone interesting enough to students that they'll still be awake when it's time to stand, en masse, to be recognized for their individual efforts."
  • PHOTO: Jeffrey MacMillan for USN&WR

    Mitt Romney at Conservative Convention, Washington D.C.