For Howard Nursing Students, It's No IV League

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Howard University nursing students walked out of class last Thursday, protesting conditions they say are so bad that they will graduate this spring without knowing how to administer an IV because the school lacks the equipment to teach them. So far, the administration's response--it offered to readminister a test for which students said they weren't prepared--has not satisfied them. "They are not fixing our problem," Howard's senior class president, a nursing major, told the Hilltop. "They are putting a band-aid on metastasized cancer." A group of seniors even told juniors they should transfer from the college while they can.

According to the Hilltop, 417 nursing students share just three small physical labs and one 14-computer technology lab. Howard's was one of the first black nursing programs in the country (you can see a timeline here). One student told the paper she would hate to see that history die, "but sometimes you have to destroy and rebuild."