The Beginnings of a Greek Identity Crisis?

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The Delta Zeta sorority's radical attempt at an image change at DePauw University shows the meanness of girls. But it might also reflect another trend: a Greek identity crisis. Greek groups' bad press this school year began with, but was not limited to, those South Carolina frat boys who made racist comments in Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat, then filed a lawsuit alleging they were manipulated. It continued with incidents like the "Halloween in the Hood" party thrown by Johns Hopkins's Sigma Chi chapter, which sparked interest from the NAACP.

The response: While national groups like Delta Zeta try to reinvent their image, students at Johns Hopkins are turning away from Greek groups, the Newsletter reports. Greeks have also come under attack at Duke, where a report on campus culture released Tuesday includes recommendations to end "selective housing," a move Greek groups call unfair, the Chronicle reports.