Who Do Young Voters Really Support in the '08 Race?

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Democratic presidential contender Barack ObamaThe University of Nevada-Reno's Sagebrush has a new angle on the old politicians-joining-Facebook story. The paper counted all the political groups it could find, and then counted their members. Here's a rundown of the most popular:

  1. "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)" is the largest, with over 304,000 members this morning (and 288,388 when the Sagebrush counted).
  • "Hillary Clinton for President--One Million STRONG" has 3,960. (A group called "One Million Strong against Hillary" has 7,490.)
  • "Giuliani for President '08!" has 1,980.
  • "John McCain for President--One Million for McCain" has 1,578.

    Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama makes a stop to talk to reporters Monday, Feb. 26, 2007 after attending a fundraiser in Columbus, Ohio.