Columnist Says He Was Fired for Facebook Comments

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A Penn State Daily Collegian columnist says he was fired unfairly for comments he posted on Facebook, but the paper's editor in chief seems to be confident in her decision. Zach Good was a member of a Facebook group opposed to "Thon," a popular dance marathon that raises money for cancer research. His membership--and comments he made on the group's Facebook page--led other students to start a Facebook campaign to "FIRE ZACH GOOD FROM THE DAILY COLLEGIAN." Yesterday afternoon, the Collegian's editor in chief--in a blog post titled "I'm no Donald Trump, but . . . "--seemed to acknowledge that she followed the group's advice. "Anyone has the right to free speech," she writes. "No one has the right to be employed at a newspaper. That is a privilege."

The blog PSU STOP! has an audio interview with Good.