Is It 1969 All Over Again?

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After nearly four decades of dormancy, the University of Michigan on Sunday reopened its chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, joining hundreds of other campuses--250, according to the Michigan Daily--that have formed a new version of the 1960s activist group. Over the summer, many of the chapters gathered for a national conference, and chapter groups have been active throughout the academic year. (They were responsible, for instance, for the pinky-swear promise at Ohio State.)

Alan Haber, the group's original president, sat in on the first meeting of the new Michigan chapter. He talked about the group's roots in Ann Arbor and about the Vietnam War. This group does not aim only to protest the Iraq war but also to serve as a student labor group, the Michigan Daily reports. The Daily also has a nice retrospective on the birth of SDS in Ann Arbor. One difference: Rather than passing out pamphlets and fliers, the new SDS has a blog.